Introducing Weed Cutting Discs


Published: 28. July 2022

We’d like to introduce our latest add-on to the robot: Weed Cutting Discs.

The new adjustable weed cutting discs help, while at the same time protecting the crop from being covered with soil. With our adjustable weed cutting discs, you can start weeding close to the crop at a very early stage and thereby ensure a clean field from sowing and until harvest.

During a season the crops will grow bigger, and for that purpose the weed cutting discs can be adjusted to fit the size of the crop. You decide how close to the row you want to weed as well as how deep in the field you want the discs to work. In this way, it is possible to weed close to the crops while they grow, without damaging them.

The weed cutting discs are specifically designed for two purposes:

  1. break the soil and remove weed on each side of the row
  2. protect the crop from being covered with soil

The discs are designed for early crop-stages weeding and they are especially valuable where the soil tends to form a superficial crust. They can be easily adjusted with respect to working depth and distance between the two discs to fit the size of the crop and the field conditions.