Introducing: Powerbank


Published: 2. September 2022

We’d like to introduce one of our newest add-ons: the FD20 Powerbank!

When the weather is bad for longer periods and there’s not enough hours of sun during the day to power your FarmDroid, the Powerbank will provide you with the extra energy to ensure that it’s up and running whenever you need it – also if it is cloudy for many days in a row. In this way, no weather is too bad for the FarmDroid.

The Powerbank consists of 2 batteries, doubling the battery capacity and the runtime of the robot. It includes an external charger, cables and a shelf to mount the batteries on your FD20.

A fully charged Powerbank can provide up to 12 hours of operation for the robot, making sure that the robot can run 24 hours every day.

With a Powerbank almost no bad weather can prevent the FarmDroid from running!

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