Meet FarmDroid at World Ag Expo 2024


FarmDroid FD20 four wheeled version seeding in black soil with blue sky

Published: 7. February 2024

The World Ag Expo, renowned as the world’s largest annual agricultural exposition, is set to take place in Tulare, California, from February 13 to 15, 2024. This prestigious event brings together over 1,200 exhibitors showcasing cutting-edge farm equipment, technology, and innovations across 2.6 million square feet of exhibit space. Among these exhibitors stands FarmDroid, a game-changer in the field of precision agriculture.

Learn More About the Best Selling Seeding and Weeding Robot

What Is FarmDroid?

FarmDroid introduces the FD20, a fully automatic seeding and weeding robot that promises to transform the way we cultivate crops. Here’s why it’s generating buzz:

  1. Solar-Powered and CO2 Neutral: The FD20 operates sustainably, harnessing solar energy and leaving a minimal carbon footprint.
  2. Precision Seeding: FarmDroid sows crops autonomously, knowing the exact position of every seed. It ensures accurate spacing and optimal growth conditions.
  3. Weed Control: The robot eliminates weeds both between rows and within them. Say goodbye to costly manual labor and herbicides.
  4. Easy Setup: Mark the field corners, set headlands, choose your sowing distance, and press start. The FD20 takes care of the rest.

Learn more about the FarmDroid FD20 platform here

Visit our booth at Corteva Agriscience Center

FarmDroid invites you to explore our booth at the Corteva Agriscience Center, located at booth #3528. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Virtual Demonstration: Witness the FD20 in action. See how it precisely seeds crops and intelligently manages weed control.
  2. Meet Our Sales Rep: Our knowledgeable representative will be on hand to discuss how FarmDroid can enhance your farming practices.
  3. Sustainability Talks: Learn how FarmDroid contributes to sustainable agriculture by reducing pesticide use and promoting efficient crop management.

Why Choose FarmDroid?

  1. Increased Yield: FarmDroid’s precise seeding ensures optimal plant spacing, leading to higher yields.
  2. Cost Savings: Say goodbye to labor-intensive weeding. The FD20 automates this crucial task, saving you time and money.
  3. Environmental Stewardship: By minimizing herbicide use, FarmDroid supports eco-friendly farming practices.

Join us at World AG Expo 2024

Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the future of farming. Visit FarmDroid at the World Ag Expo and discover how our innovative technology can revolutionize your agricultural practices. Let’s grow sustainably together! 🌾🤖

Event Details:

For more information, visit the World Ag Expo website. See you there! 🌟