FarmDroid Spot Application System now certified


Spot Application System spraying in Sugar Beet

Published: 21. June 2024

FarmDroid Spot Application System receives certificate from the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

It is the first time that an automatic field robot has received a certificate. The certification has garnered a lot of attention from the European organization that handles the common guidelines because of the unique way the system works. This certification is the result of close cooperation with the certifying authorities in Denmark and internationally.

The first certificate from the Danish Environmental Protection Agency
The first certificate from the Danish Environmental Protection Agency

The inspection was carried out on a FarmDroid FD20, which this season has sown, mechanically weeded in and between the rows and applied targeted crop protection substance in a beet field on Falster.

The FarmDroid FD20 is already well-tested in organic cultivation systems, where the machine has been successfully used in practice for several years. The Spot Application System marks FarmDroid’s entry into the conventional agriculture industry where it utilizes all the benefits of the FarmDroid platform.

The Spot Application System is in principle a “micro sprayer”, which only treats weeds, pests and diseases as well as micro-fertilizer in a small area around the plants. Thus, the system can achieve savings of up to 94 % compared to traditional methods, making it an effective tool to fulfill the requirements and expectations of authorities and businesses.