FarmDroid kickstarts the 2023 season


Published: 28. March 2023

The new season is upon us. A lot of the FarmDroid robots have already started working in the field! We’re so ready for the season.

An early season in the UK

At the beginning of February, the UK weather was so great, that many of the FarmDroids could start working. Thereby, the season had officially begun!

At the end of January, we shipped 4 brand-new robots to the UK. The robots were handled by Agri-Droid, who delivered them to their new UK homes. They made it to the customers in time for the season to begin. Shortly after delivery, they were sent to the field to start their work.

Two of the robots went to Shropshire Petals. With the two new robots, they increased their robot fleet to 3 robots! They’d been so satisfied with their first robot, that they decided they needed more robot power. They use the FarmDroids to seed and weed their flower fields.

FarmDroid taking care larkspur flowers at Shropshire Petals. The picture is taken by AgriDroid Ltd.
4 brand-new robots ready to be delivered to UK customers. The picture is taken by AgriDroid Ltd.

Seeding sugar beets in Italy

In Italy, many robots kickstarted the season already at the beginning of March. The robots in Italy work in the most incredible settings, and the weather was good, so they could get an amazing start to the season.

Italia Zuccheri’s robot worked hard during the beginning of the season. They could see the first sugar beet seeds germinate in March. It’s always amazing to see the seeds germinate.

The FarmDroid is known for creating a perfect, even seed pattern, which is incredibly satisfying – look for yourself.

One of Italia Zuccheri’s sugar beet fields in Bologna, Italy. The sugar beets are seeded and weeded by FarmDroid. The picture is taken by ARVAtec.

More robots means a busy season start

With more than 350 sold robots the workload is rising in our CARE department. To ensure a great season start there is a rush to bring the robots out of winter hibernation and make sure that they are ready to work in the field.

Beautiful sunset over FarmDroid, seeding sugar beets in Bologna, Italy. The picture is taken by ARVAtec.