A busy beginning of 2022


Published: 28. April 2022

Due to FarmDroid’s rapid growth year-on-year, every production season has its own challenges to keep up with demand and getting robots delivered to customers on time. This “production year” (November 2021 to May 2022) has been especially busy due to FarmDroid entering new markets and expanding outside Europe, but also because we have faced the same supply chain challenges as everyone else. 

Due to the unique nature of the product, being a seeding and weeding robot, customers need their FarmDroid in time for when the seeding season starts. With the majority of orders received between November-April combined with demand doubling compared to last year, the entire company, and especially the production team has been working very hard to keep up with the demand, to ensure we can keep delivering to customers on time.  

“We have been working very close with our suppliers to overcome longer delivery times for materials and components and to stay on top of having parts in stock to continue delivering robots on time.” 

René Jannick Jørgensen, CEO, FarmDroid

Despite the challenges in the supply chain, all robots have been delivered to customers within an acceptable time for them to start using their FarmDroid for seeding this spring. 

“We have successfully delivered all orders across Europe and North America. Currently we only have one container to Canada delayed due to congestion in the ports, though it should arrive in time for seeding. We are excited to get feedback from both existing and new markets, and we look forward travelling the world and meet both distributors and customers. “