It's exciting technology!

- A customer story with Jesper Skovgaard Schiønning from Landbrugsskolen Sjælland, Denmark

Crops: Sugar beet

Seasons: 5 (Since 2020)

Jesper Skovgaard Schiønning is Operation Manager at Roskilde Tekniske Skole, where they run 110 ha organic crops, including sugar beets, horse beans, wheat and much more.

For Jesper, the FarmDroid is exciting new technology. It is attractive to have a machine that runs CO2 neutral. Moreover, it is a huge advantage to have a machine that can keep the sugar beets clean both in the rows and between the plants.

The robot is a part of the student’s machine education. It is used in their teaching to show them that it runs on GPS technology and therefore can place the seeds exactly where you want them. The robot is also used in agriculture, where it takes care of the sugar beets.

It was easy to set up the robot. You can configure it the way you like. If you want to adjust something in the settings, it is quick and easy to do. Jesper also points out that it is smart that you can open the robot’s top because you easily get access to all the tools.

One of the advantages of a FarmDroid is that it uses GPS, so it knows where each seed is placed. It gives better conditions for weeding close to the crop compared to if you use camera technology.