I didn't know what I was getting into

- A customer story with Bernd Schretzmeier from Biolandhof Schretzmeier, Germany

Crops: Onion, Beetroot

Seasons: 5 (Since 2020)

Bernd Schretzmeier has a farm in Ries in the German state of Bavaria. He has cultivated both onions and beetroots with the FarmDroid.

With the robot he has sown onions in clusters with a 16 cm row distance and beetroots with a normal row distance. As an experiment he has also sown beetroots with a 12 cm row distance.

He is very satisfied with the robot, and he thinks it does a good job. In the beginning, he was in doubt whether to buy the robot as he had no idea what he was getting into. Now that he has invested in the robot and it is working in his fields, he is very happy that he decided to buy it.

He thinks it is great that the many farmers have invested in FarmDroid robots because there is always someone you can contact, who can give you an answer to your questions.

Like with any other machine, you must get to know the FarmDroid – what can it do, how long can it work, and under which conditions. Once you get familiar with the robot everything gets easier.

For Bernd, one of the most important advantages of the FarmDroid is that it can blind weed and take care of the entire field.