It does a good job

- A customer story with Anton Maier from , Germany

Crops: Sugar beet

Seasons: 5 (Since 2020)

Anton Maier lives in Eitensheim in the German state of Bavaria. He has an agriculture, where he cultivates 145 ha arable land. Most of it is conventional, but he also cultivates organic crops like rapeseed and sugar beets.

In his area there is a general lack of manual labor. At certain times during the year, it can be almost impossible to get workers. Therefore, it has been a priority for him to reduce the manual workload to an absolute minimum.

He uses the FarmDroid mainly for sugar beets. It has worked very well. He emphasizes the value of the FarmDroid Care team because he can always get in touch with someone and get help. At the beginning, when getting to know the robot, it is imperative that you can get answers to all your questions.

Anton experiences that you do not have to control the robot regularly, but as with any machine you always adjust the settings, so you get the optimal results. When he follows the work of the robot and adjust it according to the conditions, it does a very good job.