It's easy to use and is very precise!

- A customer story with Anders Tornslev Bach from Tornslev Landbrug, Denmark

Crops: Rapeseed, Sugar beet, Fodder beet root

Seasons: 5 (Since 2020)

In Denmark, Anders Bach runs an agriculture together with his father. At Tornslev Landbrug they have 300 ha organic plant production and 250 ha conventional plant production.

A few years ago, they began cultivating fodder beets and sugar beets. The first years they seeded and weeded the beets the traditional way with manual weeding, but they harvested too little, so it was not a good business case for them. For this reason, they started looking at alternatives. After talking with their neighbor, who also has an organic agriculture and wanted to grow sugar beets, they came across FarmDroid.

They decided to buy a FarmDroid and let it take care of everything. The robot could not fully eliminate the need for manual weeding, but it kept it down to a minimum. Therefore, they minimized their expenses considerably compared to what they spent before the FarmDroid.

When they grew beets the traditional way, they used 1350 euro per ha. After they got the FarmDroid they could settle for 260 euro.

Anders feels more in control after he got the robot because he does not have to hire external help. Using the robot has several advantages. One of them is that it can do blind weeding before seeding and without drying out the soil like when you use a harrow. Moreover, you can seed the crops extremely precise. It is the most precise seeding he has ever seen.

Besides beets they also use the robot for rapeseed. With the robot the plants are kept nice and clean. In the coming seasons they are using the FarmDroid to grow seed grass.

Overall, the robot is easy to use. You can easily adjust the settings. The FarmDroid has made everything much easier for Anders and his dad at Tornslev Landbrug. They get high precision without spending a lot of time on it. Additionally, it is a huge advantage that it runs on solar power, and you do not have to use fuel. It just runs!